Lucien Sedah

Dwarven Death Cleric


Lucien is a a thin, short dwarf with a long, well-groomed black beard and short black hair. He dresses fairly conservatively with large robes and cloaks in muted browns, greys, and blacks. There is no ornamentation on his clothing, but at the same time the clothing itself is of the very highest quality, made of fine fabrics and specifically tailored for him. His boots are comfortable Sarkosian leather, which is highly durable, but lined with soft, warm furs on the inside.


Born into a wealthy Turstakuri family distantly related to the king, Lucien spent most of his childhood perusing the family’s extensive library and studying diligently with his private tutors. As he progressed into adolescence, he became estranged from his family and devoted himself to the service of Azher, the Turstakuri god of death. After training as a member of the clergy for many years, he has ventured to the distant land of Ankara to catalog the events that are likely to unfold in the efflorescent kingdom.

Lucien Sedah

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