Krusk Flametongue

Master of Arms for the Hell Hounds


On the storm-ravaged plains of the Kaminari Steppes, the half-orcs eke out a brutal existence, fighting the storm beasts, rival tribes, and the very weather just to survive. Wearing the skulls of their greatest kills, the Bonemask tribe epitomize the strength and grit needed to carve out a living.

Notionally under the dominion of the Turstakuri Marches, the half-orcs have little to no respect for the weakness of humans and, aside from the occasional army recruiters, have no dealings with the margrave or his nation.

When the Turstakuri Army came calling, seeking soldiers to fight the undead threat, Krusk, one of the finest Bonemask warriors, was swayed to defend his lands. Called a traitor by his tribe, he was exiled and told that if he needed to fight for the humans, they were too weak to survive. It was in the army that he met Vandalia, his commander, and Salesi.

In the aftermath of the Turstakuri Wars, Krusk stayed under Vandalia’s command, having no home to return to. As the Hell Hounds have grown, he has trained a new generation of warriors, though his heart still beats with the thunder of the Kaminari Steppes.

Krusk Flametongue

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