Flavius Radu

Master of Spells for the Hell Hounds


Blue Lizard Wizard


A blue dragon’s vanity is a terrible thing.

Flavius was born to a relatively normal clan, and lived a relatively normal life as a scholar. However, a voice deep inside told him he was destined for more, for greatness, and slowly he began to resent his life as a scribe. Who would remember the name Flavius Radu for copying books?

His answer came when he was assigned to translate an ancient text – The Grimoire of Ozh’Kavosh. Among the pages was a ritual to call one of the fabled Demon Lords, and as he read more and more, Flavius knew that he’d found his answer. Gathering materials over three months, spending the last of his savings on foul reagents and horrible implements, Flavius prepared a ritual chamber in the deepest stacks of the Yuumei Library. Finally, he slipped down to the chamber and made a terrible bargain.

The Yuumei Library no longer stands, and Flavius is the last living librarian to study in those magnificent halls. Having made his deal, he struck out to make the world remember the name Flavius Radu, eventually finding his way to Vandalia LeSale and the emerging Hell Hounds Mercenary Company. He’s been blasting his way through jobs ever since.

Flavius Radu

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