Dheng Skullbiter

Half-Orc Fighter


Standing much taller than the average man and built like a brick outhouse, Lok Lucha Zugtar* is built like a brick outhouse. His dark, dreadlocked hair is pulled back and bound at the back of his head, and his beard is trimmed down to a neat soul patch.

In the ring, he wears a bright red luchador mask and a red cape, while on the battlefield his armor consists of scavenged metal plates strapped strategically to his body. His right hand is covered by a massive steel gauntlet decorated with animal horn spikes.

*Orcish for “The Monstrous Fighter”


As an orc of the Felskaun tribe, Dheng had to prove himself in combat from a young age. As a half-orc, he had to work twice as hard to do so. For Dheng, this meant fighting in the tribe’s wrestling pits.

After years spent grappling and pinning other orcs, Dheng finally made a name for himself when he found himself in the ring with a gnoll the tribe had starved. As Dheng pinned the beast’s arms behind its back, the gnoll twisted its head and sunk its horrible teeth into his shoulder. Not to be outdone, Dheng clamped his own jaws onto the gnoll’s head, crushing its skull between his teeth.

As he left the ring, he overheard another orc comment that, while a good fight, it was nothing compared to real combat. This troubled Dheng Skullbiter, as he would soon come to be known, and he left the tribe to prove to the world that he was just as capable on the battlefield as in the ring.

Dheng Skullbiter

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