Hell Hounds Mercenary Co.

Grappling with Goblins

After a recent bout of thievery negatively impacted local merchants, the city posted a bounty for whoever was responsible. A subsequent kidnapping of Roland Smith‘s daughter, Eliza, had led the Hell Hounds to send a member to investigate. The Agent, Dace Riddley, was able to locate goblin tracks leading from Roland’s house northeast out of the city. At this point Master of Secrets, Salesi Tiliti, reassigned the bounty to a group consisting of Dokes, Dheng Skullbiter, Jillian Tealeaf, and Raikira, all up and coming Death Dogs.

The party of four left the city quickly and managed to make good time traveling through the forest. As night fell they set up camp in a small clearing sheltered by a couple of rocks. While the party slept, a trio of kobold raiders managed to sneak into camp and surprise the lone watchman, Dheng. Despite suffering a couple of wounds in the ambush Dheng quickly retaliated, finishing off two of the goblins. Raikira responded as well, dissolving the remaining kobold with a spray of corrosive acid despite being unable to see in the darkness. The party tended to their wounds, and then set to resting once more, but not before Dheng had strung the kobold corpses up from a nearby tree.

The following morning, the adventurers visited the nearby town of Woodhedge to gather information. The innkeeper seemed nervous about the return of the enthusiastic Dheng, and was unable to provide much in the way of information. Dheng elected to chase one of the local farmers out of the inn, citing the man’s Elven heritage as the reason for his antagonism. At that point the party left and headed for the ruin where the goblins were believed to be residing.

Before long, the party came across a goblin patrol in the woods near the ruin. They made short work of the enemies, with Dheng taking out the goblins and Dokes wounding the wolf so Raikira could finish it off with her dagger. Dheng took the live goblin prisoner and began interrogating him for information about the posse in the ruin. The goblin, Buglick, informed them that there were 8 other goblins within the ruin, and that they were responsible for the thefts and the kidnapping before he eventually fainted. Dheng simply tied the unconscious goblin to his back and the four companions set out for the ruin.

Unfortunately it appeared the sentries had been alerted to the party’s presence, as they surprised Dheng with a pair of arrows before fleeing into the ruin. Jillian was able to sneak in and reconnoiter the antechamber without the goblins noticing, and with her information the party was able to form a plan of attack. Dheng rushed in first, fending off a volley of arrows and engaging two of the goblins. Raikira followed and, with burst of magical light, was able to blind the other three goblins. Jillian and Dokes came after, firing off a volley of their own. During the attack, the adventurers could hear the sounds of ritualistic chanting echoing from deeper within the mausoleum, accompanied by the sounds of a young girl crying. The party finished three of the goblins quickly, but the last two were able to flee down the hallway and disappear into the ritual chamber.

The brave warriors heroically pursued the goblins, and came face to face with the goblin leader and his shaman. Thinking quickly, Dheng hurled the body of one of the dead goblins at the chief, allowing Raikira and Jillian to catch him off guard with a burst of acid and an arrow. Despite this assault, the goblin moved quickly to engage Dheng and a terrible battle ensued. The party brought down the shaman first, and then started picking off the lesser goblins one by one, but not before one of them was able to stab Raikira through the back, leaving her gravely wounded.

The goblin chieftain proved difficult to bring down and with a few decisive blows, he knocked Dheng unconscious before moving on to the squishier party members. He closed with Dokes, but the tiefling ranger bravely chose to rush by the goblin boss and finish off the goblin attacking Jillian. Unfortunately, this left the vicious creature at his back, giving it the chance opening it needed to take down Dokes before moving on to bludgeon the weakened Jillian. With all but the goblin boss taken down, and all of the adventurers unconscious except for Raikira, the two faced off from across the room.

The goblin hefted his morningstar and with a devious grin began the charge at the wounded sorcerer, but she was ready. Bringing her crossbow to bear, she shouted, “In your face, motherfucker!” and fired off a precision shot, piercing the goblin leader right through his eye. He stumbled a few more steps before his morningstar slipped from his grip and he toppled lifelessly to the ground. Raikira freed the little girl and gathered up the stolen trinkets while her friends slowly came to consciousness.

Once they had awoken, the party searched the room and uncovered a hidden treasure chest, as well as a secret door. Jillian was able to pick the lock on the chest, revealing a trove of potions. A clue on the altar led the party to search the rest of the mausoleum, and Dokes was able to locate the oath of the Vaehlian Watch inscribed on a plaque in the antechamber. After reciting the oath on the altar, the secret door opened, revealing the tomb of the rangers of the Watch. A statue at the far end of the room held a Glass Shortsword and a suit of Shielding Studded Leather Armor.

After collecting their loot, the party headed back to Augury Bay with Eliza in tow. The guild rewarded them for a job well done with an additional bonus for returning the young girl safely. Commending them for completely eliminating the goblins, as well as bringing the child home alive, Salesi was happy to promote the adventurers from Death Dogs to Shadow Mastiffs.



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