Augury Bay



When the hordes of undead began assaulting the nation of Turstakuri in the west 40 years ago, the Sarkosian Navy took the opportunity to land on the eastern shore of Turstakuri, near the Deepwynne River, and claim the territory as their own. The Turstakuri were too hard pressed at the time to repel the invasion, and though the region had been claimed by them for generations, it had never been well settled. Soon a fort was founded under Sarkosian rule, existing mainly as a military encampment. The commander at the time, Seren (Captain) Soyam Vahora, had seen dozens of dead ravens scattered about the grasslands near the coast and believed this to be a portent of peace, as the carrion birds were seemingly dying of starvation. The hamlet that developed around the fort came to be known as Augury Bay.

As a military installation complete with walls and other fortifications, the city quickly became a refuge for locals in the region who feared the undead would advance into the area soon. The Sarkosians welcomed the skilled laborers and the town quickly flourished, spanning the Deepwynne and developing acres of farmland. Eventually Seren Vahora, having ruled for a decade with little connection to the homeland, declared Augury Bay the ruling seat of the independent nation of Ankara and instated himself as emir.

Since then, the city has existed as free port among the many warring nations and has seen tremendous growth. Despite its relatively small size, it has developed into a veritable melting pot of cultures, though Turstakuri humans remain the largest demographic.

Augury Bay has had little need of a military since the other nations accepted its status as a free nation. The Hell Hounds Mercenary Company has sprung up recently to fill the role of general problem-solvers for the locals. They receive many of their contracts from the emir, but they also take contracts from the townsfolk who have problems they can’t solve on their own.

Political Structure:

Ruler: Emir Soyam Vahora (male half-elf, Sarkosian)
Government: Emirate
Population demographics:
– Nationality: 68% Turstakuri, 25% Sarkosian, 7% Bregnan
- Race: 30% Human, 24% Elf, 20% Halfling, 15% Dwarf, 11% other (half-elves, half-orcs, tieflings, etc.)

Race Relations: Racial Minority are rulers.
Ruler’s Status: Respected, fair, and just.
Notable Traits: Awful smell (open sewers)
Known for its: Hordes of beggars
Current Calamity: New cult seeks converts


Taverns: The Sailor’s Booty, Seaman’s Stein, The Golden Lute, The Bronze Mug
Inns: The Comfortable Maiden, The Whispering Yeti, Broken Candle Inn
Smithies: The Black Anvil, Roland’s Crucible
Shops: Eskandar Mohazzabafar’s Otherworldly Wonder Bazaar,

Augury Bay

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