Vandalia LeSale

Leader of the Hell Hounds Mercenary Company


Vandalia LeSale was one of the rising stars in the Turstakuri Army. A skilled fighter and a natural leader, she shot through the ranks until she was one of the youngest commanders in history. She was known for how deeply she connected with her troops, and together they were responsible for some of the greatest victories in Turstakuri history.

None of that mattered when the undead marched. Vandalia was assigned to the defense of Jinada City, and she fought hardest of all through the Battle for Jinada. Little by little though, her beloved soldiers fell, and her remaining force was forced to fall back to the Jinada Citadel.

As the remnants of Vandalia’s squad mounted their last defense, they were horrified to see their fallen brothers and sisters at the front line of the undead force. As she battled her fallen comrades, something inside Vandalia snapped. She gathered the last few troops under her command, and abandoned the city.

At a loss, Vandalia led her troops towards Augury Bay, intent on providing a life for them. She founded the Hell Hounds Mercenary Company, and she continues to lead her comrades to this day.

Vandalia LeSale

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