Salesi Tiliti

Master of Secrets for the Hell Hounds


Growing up as the fifth child of seven, Salesi never had a difficult time going unnoticed. This afforded her the freedom to go exploring and she often spent hours climbing the buildings around her parents’ home in Jenera and enjoying being alone for a change.

By age 12, she had become familiar with the secluded rooftops and hiding places around the city and could spend hours scampering among the buildings without ever being noticed. It was around this time that she became aware of her family’s financial difficulties, and realized how she could help. She began sneaking into neighboring apartments through open windows and making off with whatever valuables she could get her hands on. Sadly, it wasn’t long before the town guard were alerted to her illicit activities and caught her red-handed.

Knowing her family could never repay all that she had stolen, she elected to pay off her debt through military service, much to everyone’s surprise. Despite her youth, one of the Turstakuri rangers recognized her natural talent for espionage and accepted.

Salesi served for 5 years in the Turstakuri Army where she met Krusk and Vandalia, and eventually deserted with them to found the Hell Hounds Mercenary Co. as the Master of Secrets.

Salesi Tiliti

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