Hell Hounds Mercenary Co.

Bullying the Bullywugs

The Hell Hounds clear out the Eastside sewer

Due to foul odors overwhelming the population of Augury Bay, the city had posted a bounty to unblock the Eastside sewers. Seeing an opportunity to both make some money and test her newest recruits, Vandalia LeSale put together a small unit to collect. Dexter, Jillian Tealeaf, Lucien Sedah, and Laetus delved into the sewers, where they encountered stirges and a small Bullywug encampment.

Encouraged by a mysterious agent identified by the image of a spider, the Bullywugs had blocked off the sewers with the intent of creating a new kingdom under Augury Bay. After exterminating the Bullywugs, the Hell Hounds had a brief run-in with the Demon’s Crown, who were also intent on claiming the bounty.

The Hell Hounds drove off the Demon’s Crown, and were able to unblock the sewers and claim the city’s bounty. As a result, Vandalia accepted them as full-fledged members of the Hell Hounds.



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